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Team A - L to R: Peter Preston, Seraina Blumli, Peter Cordukes and Urs Blumli

Team B - L to R: Susie Lumsden, Jim Russell, Judy Proudfoot and Alistair Robinson

Team C - L to R: Ian Harbit, Keith Moncrieff, Isla Moncrieff and John McConnachie

Team D - L to R: Bob Hewines, Ramsay Fraser, Sue Robertson and Ian Addison

Post-competition and pre-fondue drinks

Judy and Alistair tuck-in

Margaret, Peter C, Urs, Seraina and Peter P raise a glass or two....or three....or....

Isla, Keith, Ian and John put the world to rights.....or may be just golf!

Busy in the kitchen - Seraina, Peter and Janet

Sue and Ian ready for the fondue

Scorecards being scrutinised closely - the result was that close

Ian Addison and Alistair Robinson double-checking the scorecards

Club Vice-captain Ian Addison announcing the results

Club Vice-captain Ian Addison alongside the winning team of Keith Moncrieff, Ian Harbit, John McConnachie (and Isla Moncrieff absent) with Urs Blumli

Competitors line up L to R: Peter Preston, Ian Harbit, Judy Proudfoot, Susie Lumsden, Keith Moncrieff, Bob Hewines, John McConnachie, Peter Cordukes, Ramsay Fraser, Seraina Blumli, Sue Robertson, Ian Addison, Isla Moncrieff, Urs Blumli, Janet Blumli, Jim Russell and Alistair Robinson

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