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Day 1 of the tour at Powfoot GC - view of 18th green and clubhouse

Simon Gray getting the tour underway at Powfoot

Alistair Robinson a study in concentration at Powfoot

Wes McGregor chipping in to not over the bunker!

Judy Proudfoot preparing her shot to the green

Graeme Taylor honing his putting skills on day 2 at Dumfries & County GC

More honing of putting by Maya Robertson

Cath McGregor and Susie Lumsden sharing a moment before tackling Dumfries & County

Preparation is so important for Alistair, Bob and Stewart

Simon Gray and Judy Proudfoot discuss tactics at Dumfries & County

Susie sizing up the approach to the green at Dumfies & County

I'm not sure Stewart Gilmour is admiring the daffodils

Day 3 at Southerness GC

The wide open spaces of Southerness look so inviting!

Bob getting in some last minute practice

There's a lot of rough out there so Graeme is perfecting his technique - just in case!

Susie and Judy make plans, while Graeme continues to perfect his technique

Peter Preston perfects his putting while Stewart watches - looking for tips?

Jim and Stewart return from making last minute adjustments!

Maya contemplates the challenges ahead at Southerness

And so battle commences - Alistair teeing off at Southerness

Cath admiring her tee shot

The round is underway for Peter

Overall tour winner Judy Proudfoot shows the way at Southerness

Bob focussing on the task

Bob sees how the Southerness rough can be quite a challenge

Jim eyeing-up his opening drive at Southerness

Stewart willing his ball to go straight!

Maya admiring the shot and the view

Wes in full flow on the links

The stunning backdrop to the Southerness links

Susie has a word with Alistair as he computes the results

The 2013 Toerags line-up L-R: Wes McGregor, Bob Hewines, Judy Proudfoot, Jim Russell, Maya Roberston, Simon Gray, Susie Lumsden, Stewart Gilmour, Cath McGregor, Peter Preston, Graeme Taylor and Alistair Robinson

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