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Team A - Alistair Robinson, Janet Bluemli, Maya Robertson and Ramsay Fraser

Team B - Ian Harbit, Roger Wilson, Jane Harbit and Keith Moncrieff

Team C - Cath McGregor, Jim Russell, Susie Lumsden and Wes McGregor

Team D - Heddie Straw, Ian Cowan and Judy Proudfoot

Team E - Bob Hewines, Penny McKerrow and Tristan Bluemli - not present Jim McGuinness

Alistair Robinson listening to Jim McGuinness explaining how his team won....or is it why he arrived late!

Say when, says he Ian Harbit to Keith Moncrieff

Wes and Keith enjoying a pre-fondue glass of wine

Bob and Ian learning about the finer points of fondue from Urs Bluemli

Maya, Keith and Roger anticipating the fondue

Jim, Judy and Jim in conversation pre-fondue

Reflecting on their teams' performance

Urs leading the way to the cheese fondue

Jim, Alistair and Keith watch how it's done by Urs

Taking their repose before the next round of fondue

Spoilt for choice, Susie ponders the salad selection

Heddie, Janet, Susie, Wes and Cath tucking in

In depth conversation - about golf or fondue?

More in depth conversation - it must be about golf!

Tristan making sure fondue tradition is followed by Ian, Bob, Jim and Jane

Heads down and no talking - this cheese fondue must be good!

Bob and Jim taking a rest, the others still tucking in

Urs Bluemli announcing the result

Urs Bluemli with the winning team of Tristan Bluemli, Jim McGuinness, Penny McKerrow and Bob Hewines

The winng team posing under the Kenmore Arch

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